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The world we live in today is as simple as it has always been, but at the same time is constantly evolving in ways that are both aiding humanity as well as hampering nature and humanity. The world has been reduced from one global village from a few years ago to single screens from the comfort of our houses. With such fast paced changes happening in the society, there is a constant need to alter and adapt towards new policies and law. Read More...


About Firm

Blindfold Law Associates is one of India’s premier law firms providing legal, regulatory, and advisory services over a wide range of areas. Blindfold operates from the National Capital, New Delhi and has offices in different parts of the country.

  • Vision

    Vision is to provide an inclusive legal service to all section of the society in the doorstep

  • Mission

    Our mission is to make legal service easier and accessible for those people who are in need of legal service

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    We work on diverse legal areas such as civil, criminal, family, property, and environmental laws, mediation, arbitration & conciliation.

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