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The Firm

The world we live in today is as simple as it has always been, but at the same time is constantly evolving in ways that project new difficulties as well as new opportunities. The world has been reduced from one global village from a few years ago to single screens from the comfort of our houses. With such fast paced changes happening in the society, there is a constant need to alter and adapt towards new policies and law.

We at Blindfold believe that there is a need for creativity and originality in addition to in-depth knowledge of law, policy and the society itself. Established with the purpose of growing into a trusted law firm that functions across the globe aiding its clientele through their journeys, Blindfold has begun its journey. Today, Blindfold has its offices and attorneys in various parts of the world providing unique, customised and original solutions to the firm’s clientele.

Blindfold is a full service law firm based out of India, offering regulatory, advisory, transactional and litigation services in all commercial, non-commercial and tax matters across the globe. We also strongly believe in the purpose of Alternate Dispute Resolution practices such mediation, negotiation, counselling and arbitration. The firm advices and provides service to a diverse group of clientele, both from India and abroad, including non-profits, companies, private persons as well as banking and financial institutions.

Who we are

Strategy, creativity and thorough research are few of the important aspects that drive our international firm. The team at Blindfold consists of subject matter specialists and attorneys who have tremendous experience in litigation in various such specific areas of the global economy. Our strength is providing unique and customised solutions to the clients of the firm.

Blindfold has lawyers and attorneys across the globe who are specialised to deal with various requirements of the clients from various backgrounds, industry sectors and countries. With a constantly and inconsistently changing global marketplace and economy, we strive for and are determined to help our clientele champion through these times. The custom made solutions for our clients are solutions based on thorough research and accumulation of knowledge involving multidisciplinary subjects and global exposure to provide the best advice possible.

Non-hierarchical and inclusive culture

We are a trust based, non-hierarchical and democratised organisation which emphasises on research and creativity to give extraordinary results. We value the people and diverse perspectives, because inclusion and diversity are our strength. This not only helps us become better humans but a better organisation which understands the diverse needs our stakeholders and our clients face in their day to day lives. It goes without saying that honesty and integrity are our culture and practice.

Our Values

Blindfold has a strong value system derived from years of practice. For us integrity towards our clients and respect for the law of the land is of paramount importance. We, at Blindfold, are driven by innovation in providing solutions to the complex problems of our clients and deal the same with humility and passion. We firmly believe that Learning is an ongoing process and at Blindfold we constantly learn the new and emerging nuances of law, regulations and other aspects and try to imbibe them as early as possible into our frame of work.

Civic Responsibility

We believe that all actions have an impact on the society and the society requires little effort everyday from every single unit of the society. This emphasises the need to hold responsibility towards our actions and also take part in positive responsible initiatives that have a meaningful impact on humankind. We not only aid our clients in the process of delivering such initiatives but also dedicate our time towards the cause.

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